Merci à tous !

We were very happy to see you yesterday. We knew almost everyone but there were some new people to meet and it was very exciting.

As you know, the 1st of february last year, we landed in London with our two bags and we didn’t know anyone here. After this year of discovery and pictures, we met a lot of amazing people : you !

It was not easy everyday. Sometimes we thought « What are we doing here ? ». But we didn’t want to disappoint our followers or friends. All we can say is thanks to all of you for your encouragement and participation. You are all very important to us !

Hopefully, the camerawork is finished but not the project « Londres 2012 en 366 rencontres ». We will try to do more and plan an exhibition in London and some more books. Yesterday, we had the poster with, for the first time, all the pictures together. And for the blog, maybe a new project in an other city but not very soon. Now, we will continue to enjoy our life in London with you, simply !

Thank you all !

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